Hello there…

Greetings from the Jiggy Piggy team!

By now you may or may not know that we are indeed offering a $100 cash prize for the most read blog write up on the Songclash blog.  We believe the best write up should be rewarded accordingly and therefore the cash prize is definitely on!  Good luck by the way 🙂

What’s the first step?

First, tell us what you want your write up to talk about.  Send us your topics at blog@songclash.com and let us know who you are, of course.  We will gather the topics, review them; so similar topics are identified and we can suggest a different topic.  The topic selection will be set in the order that it’s received.  So if Joe sends topic X before Blow sends topic Y, then Joe’s topic will be kept first.  Easy?

What’s the second step?

We will notify you, rather immediately that your topic is all good with the Piggy.  You will then let us know when we can expect the write up, images to include, links or what have you and we will read, review and post on the blog.

Who gets the $100 cash prize?

We have analytics in place for all of our posts on our blog.  The write up that earns the most readers, by the end of the fiscal month of the blog, will be $100 richer 🙂  Simple?

Be as creative, opinionated, clever, witty, and humoristic, but don’t hold back at all.  We do recommend the least amount of profanity, but there are some things in the music industry that have that reaction against your emotions and to be honest, we won’t hold it against you as long as it reflects an honest need for it.  Obviously, we will be reading it first.  Does that make sense?

Your turn – any questions at all for the Piggy?

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