About Jiggy Piggy

At Jiggy Piggy, we thrive on being the best third party service that any musician, band, or solo artist can hire to further their career. Founded in 2010, the company was formed through the combination of a number of superior firms. In the same style as Voltron or the Power Rangers, the result is that of a super-humanistic company that excels at a plethora of unique services for artists.

Through artist development, Jiggy Piggy offers the mentoring service that helps catapult bands to the next level. This is accomplished by helping the artist understand their mission, their audience, and the direction in which they should take their music. This is coupled with the overseeing of making the band a professional business complete with bank accounts, budgets, and business plans. Finally, artist development also encompasses utilizing Jiggy Piggy’s network to meet industry executives, producers, and anyone else that might assist you on your music journey.

Music licensing is often misunderstood by a lot of artists. Through Jiggy Piggy’s rolodex and relationships with advertising and production companies, there is often an opportunity for independent music to be heard on certain media platforms. Whether it’s on a video game, a TV commercial, or a short film, Jiggy Piggy helps you get placed and paid when anybody decides to utilize your music.

Jiggy Piggy offers booking and touring for artists simply due to the fact that it has become mandatory for aspiring musicians to constantly make money playing shows on the road. Having had experience landing artists with opening slots on national tours, Jiggy Piggy can help your band stay busy and financially successful.

Online Marketing has become quite a trend for artist lately. It’s an essential element to promotional strategy these days. At Jiggy Piggy, we realize that most marketing companies have pivoted and found it necessary to offer said services. The difference with Jiggy Piggy is that we offer the services that help you sell your music through the strategic utilization of the web. Also, we only offer these services to artists so it’s a certain formula that has worked for us and our artists ever since MySpace was popular.

Web Design and Development has quickly become the most in-demand service for Jiggy Piggy. Our team of experienced designers and developers have worked with some big names in the music industry and possess the knowledge that’s needed to help an artist stand out on the web. Websites, logos, and splash pages have become more important than ever in recent years, so you want to make sure you call upon the right company to provide the service for you.