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Gordon Cotten began composing and performing on piano at age 7.   Attended Berklee College of Music in Boston on a scholarship in Arranging/Composition. He has toured and/or recorded with: John Entwistle (The Who), Jaimo (Allman Bros), KISS (Dynasty album), Aztec Two Step, Johnny Rodriquez, Mink Deville, Red Stripe, The Burns Sisters, Rat Race Choir among many others.   His diverse musical background covers all genres.  Currently residing in Texas, he is working at Big Note Studio producing, arranging, and performing.

Gordon was a staff writer for Fourth Floor Music Publishing in NYC. Jason Flom of Atlantic Records consulted him on a regular basis to get his feedback on upcoming releases of Artists on the Warner/Atlantic roster.

Gordon has stated “These songs are people’s lifeblood. They’ve created something out of nothing. It’s my job to bring it into the best light possible, catching the spirit in which it was created in the first place.”

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Scott Putesky – SMP – Daisy Berkowitz, Former Guitarist for the Marilyn Manson Band

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Fresh off the Driven Music & Art Conference panels Scott M. Putesky is ready to take you or your label artist to their first or next plateau of success. You might know Scott better as original guitarist and co-founder Daisy Berkowitz of the Marilyn Manson band (previously known as  Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids) Since 1990 Putesky has been composer, producer and sound engineer and his most prominent guitar work and sound craft can be heard on the ground breaking albums Portrait Of An American Family, Smells Like Children and the double platinum Antichrist Superstar. Not limited to rock albums the Alternative guitar icon also has music in films from underground to major studio work like David Lynch’s Lost Highway.

With an eye for talent and an ear for the alternative, Scott uses whatever resources work and can get as experimental as you want while keeping the organization conceptually and thematically together and completing the project on time and on budget.

Scott gracefully walks the line between innovative and traditional – getting the best feel from a performance, accenting the assets and making your mix as interesting as possible. and assisting musicians and composers in performance and recording techniques geared toward a more holistic project development, “SMP” brings focus and identity to you or your artist’s total sound.

Open to working in almost any genre – not limited to hard rock Scott has a personal catalog flavored with bits of techno, house, industrial, gothic, folk, surf, metal and bizarro but with clients like Three Ton Gate, Godhead, Dope, The Cichlids, The Spooky Kids (prime and archive), Jack Off Jill, Mess Anger, The Freakin’ Hott, Kill Miss Pretty and Shaved Hamster, the word “eclectic” is obvious.

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Stephen Short Owner at Ping Pong Music & 4 Time Grammy Award Producer/Songwriter

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In 1977 Stephen Short began his professional career, engineering at London’s Legendary Trident Studios. Trident was widely regarded as a world leader in sound recording and production and was among the top 5 studios in the world. Trident gained its reputation by helping to forge the careers of Elton John, David Bowie, Harry Nilsson, The Beatles and Queen to name but a few.

Stephen garnered vast experience from the staff and clientele, gaining production and engineering expertise whilst working with such artists as Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, The Grateful Dead, Paul McCartney, Tears for Fears, and producers as varied as Mutt Lang, Terry Brown, and Phil Ramone. This experience was priceless, using the finest equipment available anywhere in the world, Studer, Neumann and Trident consoles. Trident was the first 8 track, then 16 track, then Studer 24 and 48 track studio in the UK; developing recording techniques that are still in use today and pushing all manner of creative boundaries.

In 1981, Stephen and three partners purchased Trident Studios, diversifying his engineering/production background into business/management, whilst continuing to train new engineers and developing the careers of producers. After selling the Trident “A” range console in 1983 to Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles, Stephen then bought his first SSL 4000 console which was commissioned by Colin Chapman himself! In 1986 after buying out 2 of the original investors, Stephen and his remaining partner opened Trident 2, a 25,000 sq. foot converted theater, a residential recording environment in the heart of the city of London.