Music licensing is often misunderstood by a lot of artists. Through Jiggy Piggy’s rolodex and relationships with advertising and production companies, there is often an opportunity for independent music to be heard on certain media platforms. Whether it’s on a video game, a TV commercial, or a short film, Jiggy Piggy helps you get placed and paid when anybody decides to utilize your music.

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Jiggy Piggy offers booking and touring for artists simply due to the fact that it has become mandatory for aspiring musicians to constantly make money playing shows on the road. Having had experience landing artists with opening slots on national tours, Jiggy Piggy can help your band stay busy and financially successful.

Booking and Licensing

$29 per month

Opportunities sent to you in real-time

Licensing newsletter Monthly opportunities

Full Artist Development

$99 per month

Do It big

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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development has quickly become the most in demand service for Jiggy Piggy. Our team of experienced designers and developers have worked with some big names in the music industry and possess the knowledge that’s needed to help an artist stand out on the web. Websites, logos, and splash pages have become more important than ever in recent years, so you want to make sure you call upon the right company to provide the service for you.

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing is an essential component to any artist’s promotional strategy. At Jiggy Piggy, we realize that many marketing agencies have pivoted and found it necessary to offer online services. The difference with Jiggy Piggy is that we offer the services that help you sell your music through the strategic utilization of the world wide web. Also, we only offer these services to artists so it’s a specific formula that has worked for us and our artists ever since MySpace was popular.

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Who Is Jiggy Piggy?

With offices in Florida and Texas, Jiggy Piggy is a growing strategic service firm for musicians of all kinds. Having worked with acts such as New Found Glory, Nickelback, Regina Spektor, Buckcherry, and more, Jiggy Piggy offers hands-on and consulting services that help musicians and bands make a name for themselves in the current music industry.

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Case Studies

Jiggy Piggy helped us become the biggest independent Christian rock band in Orlando in a matter of months. Before we knew it, we were playing more shows and selling more CDs than ever before. We don't think it was a coincidence.
Benji (Built To Be Broken)  -
What can I say? Before we went on tour, we needed a leg up - an advantage in order to make our travels worthwhile. Jiggy Piggy gave that to us and allowed us to feel confident going out there and making music a career for us.
Mike Starkman (Triggerslip)  -
When Lithium was a band, we figured we would try to be on the cusp of technology and marketing before any of our peers did. However, we didn't know the first step and how to market ourselves properly. Jiggy Piggy helped us find the way and sell over 10,000 records out of our van. All profit, baby!
John D (Lithium)  -